Five typical dishes of Aragonese cuisine

bandera de Aragón

Typical dishes from Aragon

Aragonese gastronomy has several tasty dishes that will delight even the most demanding palates. The Aragonese dishes use ingredients from the interior of the peninsula, that is, the products of the Aragonese orchard and livestock.

Do you want to know what are the typical dishes of Aragon? In this post we talk about the 5 most famous Aragonese dishes.

Ternasco Asado

Ternasco asado is young lamb meat. It uses meat from indigenous breeds of lambs. Ternasco asado has a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP) seal. That is, the European Union recognizes certain quality standards.

ternasco de aragón

Migas aragonesas

It is a dish traditionally consumed in the countryside by shepherds and hunters. It is hard bread fried with garlic and olive oil to which various complements are added. In Aragon, migas are usually accompanied by sausage, onion, and grapes


Well known in Aragon and unknown outside of Aragon. It is usually served with boiled potatoes.

borrajas con patatas

Jamón de Teruel

The first ham in Spain to obtain a designation of origin. Its production is limited to the province of Teruel.

jamón de Teruel

Pollo al chilindrón

Chilindrón sauce is widespread in northern Spain. Bring local vegetables, onions, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, etc…

pollo al chilindrón